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Piano Activities & Resources

Snow Fairies Under The Moonlight

The snow fairies are back in this early advanced is inspired by LoFi music. Imagine the snow fairies relaxing in a field under the moonlight. All worries fall away as …


Winter At The Cabin

This playful late intermediate piece focuses on the nostalgia of family time at the cabin.  Playing in the snow, drinking hot chocolate, hiking in the snow, and puzzle time all …


Tracks In The Snow

It’s a beautiful day for meandering through the forest in this Early Intermediate piece. However, things turn eerie when a wolf pack watches silently from the trees. This piece is …


Snowflake & Rex’s Cookie Caper

Join Snowflake & Rex is this playful, interactive late elementary piece.  Making cookies isn’t easy when it’s meant to be a surprise.  Students & audiences will love the “surprised” faces …


Creating Beats On The Move

40 Piano warm-ups that link movement, improvising & playing with backing tracks! Students will love exploring throughout the year.


Student Led Conference: Planning Worksheet

These student led conference worksheets help track progress while making the most of your admin time! PDF & Google Slide options available.

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The Grand Entrance

Who doesn’t love having their own entrance music? This early intermediate piano piece explores 6/8 while making a statement!


The Gnome’s Starlit Dance

This late intermediate to early advanced piece is a peek into a secret, starlit world. It’s time for the gnomes to come out to dance!


The Blizzard

Be transported to the middle of a blizzard in this elementary/late elementary piano piece. This is an “easier than it sounds” piece.