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Piano Activities & Resources

Creating Beats On The Move

40 Piano warm-ups that link movement, improvising & playing with backing tracks! Students will love exploring throughout the year.

Student Led Conference: Planning Worksheet

These student led conference worksheets help track progress while making the most of your admin time! PDF & Google Slide options available.

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The Grand Entrance

Who doesn’t love having their own entrance music? This early intermediate piano piece explores 6/8 while making a statement!

The Gnome’s Starlit Dance

This late intermediate to early advanced piece is a peek into a secret, starlit world. It’s time for the gnomes to come out to dance!

The Blizzard

Be transported to the middle of a blizzard in this elementary/late elementary piano piece. This is an “easier than it sounds” piece.

Northern Lights

Celebrate the Northern Lights with this late elementary/early intermediate piano piece creates an ethereal moodscape in a Mixolydian mode.

Last Dance of the Snow Fairies

The “Snow Fairies” saga builds with this early intermediate piece. This melancholy dance is a study of voicing & dynamics.

Jake’s Fishing Adventure

Jake is back in this elementary-level piece! Students will explore this story-based piano piece as Jake has a Winter fishing adventure.

First Snow

This elementary/late elementary piano piece evokes memories of the first snow of the season. Perfect for rote or sheet music teaching!