How to Find Great Repertoire That Your Students Love

How to Find Great Repertoire Your Students Love

Look at your repertoire bookcases.  How did you choose the books that were placed there?  Hopefully, your shelves are filled with great teaching repertoire that your students love.  I’ve been sucked in by marketing (hello, “Peanuts Activity Book”) or purchasing a book because “my student already has this so I should buy it”.  And, I…


How to know your student is ready for harder repertoire

Is your student ready for harder repertoire?

How do you know your student is ready for harder repertoire?  When you teach exclusively from one method book, the answer is easy.  They completed the book.  When you pull options from many books (including ones that do not belong to a method book series) this line becomes a little more grey. This was one…

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How to Create a Curriculum Plan (Part 1)

How to Create a Curriculum Plan: Part 1

One of the hardest parts of being an independent instrument teacher is creating a curriculum plan.   When you know what to teach, it is so easier to guide students throughout the year so they make consistent progress. Unlike teaching in a school system, there is no governing board that determines what you will teach each…