Today is looking to be a busy day.  It turns out that while I was right that a grocery trip with my kids would have taken away the last of my sanity (it was a VERY silly week for them), our fridges & pantries are showing that it really is time to actually purchase food to eat.  Add getting ready for back to the studio for my students & I realized it was time to pull out the big guns …

When you just need to get stuff done
“Don’t Have Time For That” Minions shirt

I have explained to my boys & husband that the shirt appears to have magical qualities.  Every time that I wear it, I get a lot more done.  And today I need that magic.

Today, I will be sharing with you one of the images I am using to get my students & their families excited about the start of piano lessons.  Much like studios use trailers to build anticipation, these images will build anticipation for the fall.

How many more sleeps?

With the kidlets still being young, my Dad has a special way of counting down the days to important events with them.  “Oma & Opa are going to be at your house in only 8 more sleeps!”  The boys have found it to be an easy way to keep track of how soon their Oma & Opa are visiting or, even how long until school starts.  Plus, it is something special they share with him.

This year, I opted to use the same idea with my students since many are around the same age as my kids.

Count Down- September 2016.jpg
Count Down- September 2016.jpg

This is the first of two Facebook images that I made for the lead in to fall.  It’s a play on the “Are we there yet?” & “How many more days?” that parents hear the world over when their kids are looking forward to something.  While the “sleeps” part is purely my dad,  “Cue the squealing” is purely me.

When I have something that I think will be exciting for my students (or me for that matter), this is my phrase.  The little ones love that they get to be loud for a moment.  My teens get a (small) smile when I ask them not to squeal too loud … though they don’t ever seem to take advantage of the opportunity.  😉  And, their parents love that I am enthusiastic about what I am doing.

Create a lead-in for the start of your academic year!

Creating a fun lead-in to the fall does not need to be time consuming or difficult.  At this point, there are a plethora of other things you probably want to be able to focus on as well.

For the image above, I used Canva.  Canva is my go-to for all my social media images.  If you have not used this online tool before, I highly recommend it.  It is:

  • Free to set up an account.
  • Easy to download.
  • Has a wide variety of templates which automatically size your image or document to the optimal size (mine is sized for a Facebook post).
  • Has a wide variety of free & paid ($1 each) items to add to your project.  These include everything from backgrounds, shapes, objects, fonts, pictures, & the list goes on.
  • Easy to create your own templates … Copy a previous project, modify a few details, & voila you have a whole new post!

Make your lead-in personal.  Your students love you for who you are.  That’s why they keep coming back!  So, why not embrace your quirks a little in the lead-in?  It will be sure to bring a smile to your families faces when they see a little part of you in your message.  Plus, it never hurts to remind them of all the great times they have had with you.  Perhaps this may even lead to more referrals as you are currently top of mind.

Click here to download your FREE social media images!

How do you build excitement in your studio?

Perhaps you already are back in the studio, or maybe this is your lead-in time for the fall.  I would love to hear how you have (or are planning to) welcome your students back to the studio!

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