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An online piano teacher, writer, composer & speaker.  AND, I’ve found away to balance a boutique studio with family life & personal growth!  At least most days.

My secret?  I never stop learning & trying new things.  Hence the “unfinished lesson"!

You deserve balance … 

both as a creative music teacher 

AND in your personal life.

My goal is to help you take teaching & running a business from overwhelming to fulfilling.

I’ll help you use creative strategies & tech to solve the challenges of running your business … while still having a life outside of the studio!

Become a creative music teacher today!

Are you a music teacher looking for change?

The Unfinished Lesson has helped others just like you find the perfect solution to their challenges.

  • Change starts with a small step that leads to amazing things!

  • “The Apps I Just Can't Live Without" are the apps that have made it possible for me to make small (& big) changes to my studio.  Now I have a life & studio better than I could have ever dreamed of!

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August 8, 2019