When It's Been One of Those Weeks

While this was the name of the post I was going to write, ironically, the subject matter is completely different than I had originally planned.

Last week was one of THOSE weeks.  The type of week where (almost) everything falls apart & all your carefully laid plans … & backup plans are broken down.  You know the type.  Your children decide THIS is the week they have to continually argue … starting & ending every day on a stressful note.  You find out, after planning lessons, that you need to do a video lesson for multiple students.  Many of the original, interactive activities are not conducive to a video.  Your computer decides having multiple browsers & programs open are not in the cards for the week … even though you are getting materials ready for an upcoming studio project that starts THIS week.  The online app you use to flip your lessons no longer allows you to upload video even though this is the week you really need it to work … and the support team doesn’t get back to you.  At all.  (Don’t worry.  It wasn’t Planboard.)  All of the above mean your regular work takes at least 3-4 times longer than it normally would.  And, to add a cherry on top … you get a ticket (over $200) for not seeing a sign while taking a route you normally wouldn’t because of the aforementioned video lessons.  Yup.  It’s enough to bring a girl down.  By Friday, I was beyond relieved to say goodbye to the week & start fresh this week.

But, there was one thing that was truly amazing.

Those lessons I planned?  Turns out the stars aligned, or perhaps the universe took pity on me.  While it felt like everything else was falling apart, teaching my students was the best part of my day.  Normally, my students are one of many great parts of my day.  But, last week?  I was thanking my clients & telling them how happy I was to see them.  It reminded me that I have a wonderful career where I get to explore music with my students & get to know their families.  It’s something special that not everyone gets to experience.  And, having a week of back-to-back lessons that effortlessly flowed, engaged my students’ minds, & kept us working towards our goals?  Where my students had all actually mastered EXACTLY what I had asked for the previous week?  Awesome!

Fast forward through the week?

We are all going to have those weeks where we want a remote control to fast forward through the crummy stuff.  (Anyone else remember that Adam Sandler movie?)  And, sometimes no matter what we do to try & improve things it just isn’t going to happen.  (I know it’s a downer.)  But, here is the advice that I gave myself.

Do what you can to fix the problems.  If none of those solutions work, move onto something else … even if it’s completely non-work related & a “waste” of your time.

Sometimes a week is a write-off in a particular area.  That’s okay.  Go back to the project or task a different day or week.

Last week, I decided my week was ending in a definitive way.  With a big glass of sangria.  I made myself a deal.  By the time I finished the glass, the week would be officially over.  No more stressing about what hadn’t gone well or what problems needed to be fixed.  I would spend a stress free weekend with family … with NO work stuff.  And, Monday … well, it was a brand new week that WOULD go much, much better.

Or, a fresh start?

So, how has this week been?  It feels like a fresh start.  The kidlets are back to getting along (for now).  My computer is accepting the fact that multiple browsers & programs open at the same time are now the norm.  And, even though that video issue isn’t solved yet … I have a work around which makes it possible to keep moving ahead.  I’m back to yoga & even got to go swimming with my family last night.  Yay!

So, when it’s been one of those weeks …

I would love to hear what your favourite solutions for dealing with a less than stellar week.  Please share in the comments below!

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